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Vinyl Care

In order to keep vinyl looking its best despite constant exposure to the harsh marine environment and damaging UV rays. Star brite has a wide selection of specially-formulated cleaners and protectants that do the job without harming the surface, as can be the case with bleach, and provide significant, long-term protection unlike spray-on topical treatments that lose effect after a few hours.


Star brite offers a wide range of sealants and adhesives for every application. Marine Silicone's 100% silicone formula will not turn yellow or sag, works in extreme temperatures, can be used above or below the waterline, bonds to fiberglass, plastic, wood, glass and metal, and is unaffected by sunlight, weathering and most chemicals.

Salt Off

Protecting against corrosion caused by salt is an issue that ranges from boats used in saltwater to snowmobiles ridden along roads treated with rock salt. Star brite's Salt Off with PTEF is formulated to quickly and effectively remove salt deposits from all metal, fiberglass, vinyl, rubber, glass, plastic and painted surfaces.

Polishes & Waxes

The goal of Star brite polishes is to provide a barrier to UV rays that can damage gelcoat and fade paint, as well as to repel stains in order to keep the surface clean. Star brite Marine Polish is the industry standard for keeping boats looking showroom fresh.

Metal Care

In order for a boat to have that "just detailed" look, you need to address the metal surfaces as well as the fiberglass, paint and vinyl upholstery.

Liquid Electrical Tape

Star brite's innovative Liquid Electrical Tape reinvents how to secure all wiring and electrical connections. The fast-drying, waterproof, UV resistant, dielectric coating prevents corrosion on wires and terminals for all types of marine, automotive, industrial or home electronics.

Head Chemicals

On even otherwise well-maintained boats, heads and holding tanks can turn into a maintenance nightmare. This is why Star brite's boat and RV head maintenance products are engineered to keep these systems operating reliably and odor-free with minimum effort.

Fabric Care

Boats utilize specialized, state-of-the-art outdoor fabrics which are why Star brite makes the products to maintain them over many years.

Boat Wash

Star brite boat and car washes are designed to efficiently remove fish blood, grease stains, dirt, stains, oil, bird droppings, tree sap, and salt on fiberglass, painted surfaces, windows, plastic, vinyl, canvas and brightwork.

Bilge Cleaner

There's no easy way to access all the nooks and crannies of a bilge, which is why Star brite's bilge cleaners are the perfect solution to grime and odors. They are incredibly easy to use - just pour in, run the boat to provide the gentle agitation and pump out to remove grease, scum and sludge, leaving the bilge clean and fresh.

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